Ahoj svet!

Vitajte vo WordPress. Toto je váš prvý článok. Môžete ho upraviť alebo vymazať a potom už len začať písať!

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  10. shine900 says:

    Thorstvedt, a former international goalkeeper for Norway who represented Tottenham Hotspur in the 1980s and 90s, used to live in the same neighborhood as Haaland; his son would even line up against a team that featured the Borussia Dortmund forward, now among the best strikers in European football.

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021
  11. yert200 says:

    „If you look back in 15 years, he will have smashed a lot of records and he will have scored a lot of goals and be recognized as a really great player,“ says Thorstvedt.

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021
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    „But I don’t think we should put him on the Ronaldo and Messi platform, at least not yet. Let us take that as a pleasant surprise, if that happens.“

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021
  13. kkr789 says:

    Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Haaland cuts an imposing figure in Dortmund’s frontline and complements his strength and size with blistering speed and ruthless finishing.

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021
  14. aace777 says:

    „Now he’s massive, almost like a monster on the pitch, but he didn’t used to be like that, and I think that’s actually been an advantage to him because he had to work harder,“ says Thorstvedt.

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021
  15. qqueen700 says:

    „He’s a very intelligent player because he seldom goes in offside positions and he times his runs really, really well,“ notes Thorstvedt, adding that Haaland’s speed helps him to get behind defensive lines so often.

    ... on July 15 apríla, 2021

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